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Newspost2011-05-23 - RSStats.net IPv6 Ready!

As some of you may know, the internet-addresses are running out. There aren't enough IP-addresses for everbody anymore, so the whole internet needs to switch to a new protocol; IPv6! RSStats.net now proudly announces that we are IPv6 ready, so that if you are surfing with an IPv6 connection you can still visit us! Of course we're still keeping IPv4 compatibility (dual stack) so there won't change a thing. You don't have to change your settings or anything, our site will detect the need for IPv4 or IPv6 complete automatically!

Happy scaping!

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Newspost2009-10-16 - Got your name changed? Read up

If you had your name changed recently, you might have noticed that your stats are broken. We found a solution for this. Actually, we found two solutions :P We are working on a new concept regarding how we handle our users and the xp tracking service. This involves a lot of technical stuff and isn't nearly done yet. So what we will be doing for now is manually change your name in the database. All you have to do is head over to the forum and post the nickchange you request. We will then validate your request if it's reasonable to assume you own that account. If we have doubts, we might need to validate your account ingame.


Anyways, in short, if you want your nick on RSstats changed, head over to the forums and post in this topi: http://rsstats.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=35


Happy scaping :)

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Newspost2009-10-03 - Changing Runescape names

Hi Folks,

Recently is has been made possible (for members) that you can change your Runescape nickname. If you do so, please take in mind that it is currently NOT possible to migrate your RSstats to your new username, simply because Runescape does not offer us any functions to do so. So keep in mind:

If you change your Runescape nickname, you will lose your stats history.

We are still working out ideas to make nickchanges on RSstats possible, but this is very hard, because it's unpossible to prove that the one's that changing the RStats' nickname to a new name, has really changed their Runescape nickname (for example: I could easily change Zezima's nick to my nickname Nepica, without actually being Zezima).

Sorry for the inconvenience, but it is really that Runescape does not (yet) offer us the possibility to identicate a user.

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Newspost2009-08-24 - New domain

Since yesterday, RSstats registered it's third TLD ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TLD ), knowing: .com! So you can also reach us via rsstats.com. Dot com is, as previously said, the third TLD we own, next to .net and .nl. Previously this domain was owned by a domain-capturer, who put on annoying google adsense. Thanks to our web-hoster (http://www.icehosting.nl), who noticed us that rsstats.com was coming free soon, we were able to register this domain, before it was captured again!

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Newspost2009-08-21 - A little extra for all of you stat freaks

You all know we offer Runescape statistics. Though, there are more interesting statistics to find on this website. We've pulled together a list of the most popular operating systems and web browsers which are used on our site. Since you all like stats, this might be vaguely interesting as well :)


 Operating SystemsHitsPercent
Windows 135280 94 %
Macintosh 4117 2.8 %
Linux 2838 1.9 %
Unknown 863 0.5 %
Nintendo Wii 704 0.4 %
Sony PlayStation Portable 58 0 %
Symbian OS 24 0 %

Well, nothing out of the ordinary there. Windows is by far the most popular OS.




Firefox No 80072 55.6 %
MS Internet Explorer No 51970 36.1 %
Google Chrome No 4825 3.3 %
Safari No 3665 2.5 %
Opera No 2205 1.5 %
Mozilla No 525 0.3 %
Wget Yes 476 0.3 %
Netscape No 75 0 %
LibWWW No 46 0 %
Unknown ? 19 0 %
  Others   6 0 %

More Firefox users compared to IE users. Interesting. And I have to say, a good choice ;)


Well, that's all. Sorry, no new features, just a few funfacts :)



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